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Intelligence-Led Simulated Attack

As a leading ‘BEST’ Framework provider and with experience with both the Telecommunications Industry and its complex supply chain, SecAlliance is ideally placed to deliver a rewarding TBEST engagement.


What is TBEST?

TBEST is a member of the ‘BEST’ family of intelligence-led simulated attack frameworks and is specifically designed for the Telecommunications industry and associated parties. Led by The Department for Culture Media and Sport with OFCOM, TBEST looks to map the threat landscape of the organisations and create realistic threat scenarios for red teams to emulate.

Telecommunications organisations can be highly complex with particularly complex supply chains. The nature of the industry means they inherit a broad set of threats and as such have to continuously adapt and evolve Cyber Resilience programs. TBEST is an ideal tool to support that work.

Building from or preparing for TBEST

Whilst TBEST is designed to assess the threats and realistic scenarios against the core and critical functions of an organisation, it does not necessarily deal with the wider business, eco-system, supply chain and other important businesses services.

SecAlliance regularly support businesses with completing a thorough and comprehensive threat assessment either before or after a TBEST engagement to ensure the entire eco-system threat is assessed.

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"The Threat Intelligence reports provided by Security Alliance provide us with detailed and highly realistic attack scenarios to conduct, enabling the customer to get real value from every engagement.”
CBEST Red Team Leader, Global Penetration Testing Company

Why SecAlliance for TBEST?

We are experts in the BEST group of frameworks. We are used to working with highly complex organisations, with mixed IT/OT environments, who have international presence and reach. TBEST is a once every 2-3 year experience – we will make sure you get maximum return on investment from your engagement.


We are a specialist cyber threat intelligence company with a strong focus on threat assessments within the TBEST framework and equivalent schemes such as CBEST, TIBER, iCAST and STAR.


We understand the value offered by intelligence-led red teaming, particularly when supported by fully qualified and experienced intelligence professionals.


Our Directors provide support and context to our clients, helping them to better understand the TBEST processes and dynamics.

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