Intelligence-Driven Cyber Security


Security Alliance is an intelligence-driven cyber security consultancy with a global reach.

We blend deep technical expertise with conventional intelligence methodologies to help organisations understand their cyber threat landscape and make better security decisions.


Services that target your unique cyber security threats

No two organisations share the same risk profile. We take a collaborative approach, designing individual engagements for every client we work with. The result is bespoke, effective and high value engagements that address the unique security threats and objectives of your organisation.

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Intelligence Engagements

Tailored intelligence engagements

Intelligence centric. Collaboration. Expertise. Security in context.

We design and deliver services with the fundamental objective of helping clients achieve persistent cyber readiness and awareness.

We do this by creating intelligence-driven cyber security services that deliver continuous monitoring of our clients' evolving cyber threat landscape. This requires a blend of deep technical knowledge, awareness of global threat actors, and their tools, techniques and processes, combined with conventional intelligence practices.

Our objective is to help provide a stable operational foundation upon which our clients can conduct their core business activities to improve services, products, performance and growth.


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      Crest Star                        Cyber Essentials Certification   G-Cloud Supplier

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