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Cyber Threat Assessment

Cybercrime is an industry, and it’s thriving

As technologies evolve and geo-political narratives unfold, the capabilities and motivations of globalised threat actors have become relevant to a wider array of businesses.

The solution is not simply to build a bigger wall. The solution is to understand your threats and risks and take specific actions to mitigate them to improve security overall.

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What is a Cyber Threat Assessment

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment is composed of two parts: Targetable Intelligence and Threat Intelligence.

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What is a Cyber Threat Assessment

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment is comprised of two parts: Targetable Intelligence and Threat Intelligence.

Threat Intelligence

We perform intelligence collection and threat analysis on your Attack Landscape - the people and groups that may feasibly possess the motive and means to carry out an attack.

We then draw together the Attack Surface and the Attack Landscape to create attack scenarios based on your critical assets, your infrastructure and the TTPs used by the most likely threat actors.

Targetable Intelligence

We begin with a combination of collaborative workshops to identify potential targets within your infrastructure, such as the location of sensitive data, mission critical applications, and key staff members.

We then collect intelligence on the target assets, infrastructure and their surrounding digital footprint, which cumulatively represents your Attack Surface.

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Threat Intelligence Report

The strategic level security assessment and analytical methodologies used to create the tactical level simulated attack scenarios. Each scenario is supported by detailed profiling of the associated threat actor.

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Targeting Annex Report

The exploitable information and security intelligence we recover on your digital footprint with assessment of the potential consequences of these findings.

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"The Threat Intelligence reports provided by Security Alliance provide us with detailed and highly realistic attack scenarios to conduct, enabling the customer to get real value from every engagement.”
CBEST Red Team Leader, Global Pen Testing Company

Why SecAlliance


We are a specialist cyber threat intelligence company with a strong focus on threat assessments within schemes such as CBEST, TIBER and STAR.


We understand the value offered by intelligence-led red teaming, particularly when supported by fully qualified and experienced intelligence professionals.


Our Directors provide support and context to our clients, helping them to better understand the processes and dynamics.

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