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ThreatMatch Intelligence Portal

The ThreatMatch Intelligence Portal is collaborative, purpose-built for intelligence sharing, and operationally-focussed.

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ThreatMatch Features

ThreatMatch has a range of features that enable our clients to collaborate, have full control over dissemination, and operationalise all intelligence using the MITRE ATT&CK® framework

Threat Alerts

Curated by our intelligence team, alerts are filtered and ranked by severity for each client. Each alert is mapped to your Intelligence Requirements, contains a description, source, clear actions to be taken and intelligence assessment specific to your organisation.

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threat alerts


All of our content is centred around the MITRE ATT&CK® framework. Techniques are tagged so that content can be filtered and visualised according to MITRE techniques. We continuously integrate the latest tactics, techniques and sub-techniques.

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Complete Control

ThreatMatch is designed to give you complete control over exactly who you share your intelligence with, how, and when. You can share intelligence with individuals, departments, organisations or within pre-defined trusted groups.

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Ask the Analyst

Clients are able to immediately contact analysts to initiate a conversation between the reader and the author of the content. This enables clients and analysts to work collaboratively to receive more highly curated intelligence.


Clients can comment on intelligence, creating an interactive dialogue, both internally, with partners, within trusted groups or with the Security Alliance intelligence team.

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Threatmatch Commenting


Profiles provide you with an in-depth analysis of threat actors, including their usual tactics, techniques and procedures, related tools and malware, incidents and associated profiles. Where appropriate, profiles are mapped against the MITRE ATT&CK framework, including ICS and Mobile matrices. Profiles include:

  • Threat actors
  • Operations
  • Malware
  • Incidents
  • Countries
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threatmatch profiles


Attack scenarios provide a comprehensive anatomy of attacks for different threat actors. The scenarios module can be used for mapping and tracking incidents, supporting security testing, security control optimisation and for many other use cases. MITRE ATT&CK® is fully integrated with our own unique and custom-built version of the Navigator.

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threatmatch UI


This module is used for the delivery of regular threat reports, bespoke client reports and research, including links to alerts, incidents, profiles and scenarios. Threat reports are delivered as part of the ThreatMatch subscription.

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threatmatch input

Create your own content

ThreatMatch provides your team with complete freedom of creation. Create your own intelligence alerts, new threat actor profiles or specific incidents. You choose who you share your content with, internally or within trusted sharing groups or wider communities.

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API and Integration

ThreatMatch comes with access to the developer platform, providing API documentation and access to the API endpoints that have been mapped to STIX 2.1 and MISP taxonomies. We also provide a JSON endpoint for an enriched feed, giving you access to all of our content via your preferred security tools.

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API logos

Engineered For Your Needs

ThreatMatch is customisable for your unique use-case

For Organisations

ThreatMatch enables clients to receive bespoke intelligence for their organisation.

  • Organisation-specific alerting including digital footprint monitoring, compromised credentials, typo squatting, data leakage, disclosure of sensitive information, dark web monitoring and much more
  • Vulnerability and exploit tracking based on client systems and underpinning technology
  • Tracking of threat actors and malware most relevant to your organisation and industry, including changes in TTPs, new tools, new targeting behaviour and current campaigns
  • Bespoke periodic reporting tailored to specific client business requirements
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For Communities

ThreatMatch Community Portal enables the development and operation of secure, trusted communities, based on sector, geography or collaborative efforts.

  • For intelligence sharing communities – quickly share intelligence with whole community and allow members of the community to share their own intelligence
  • Community-specific alerts – sector-centric reporting focused on industry or the community threat landscape
  • Tracking of threat actors and malware most relevant to your community, including changes in TTPs, new tools, new targeting behaviour, current campaigns
  • Monthly threat landscape reports specific to your industry or community
  • Monthly Intelligence briefings from our analysts
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For Supply Chains

ThreatMatch Supply Chain Portal includes potential threats to your whole supply chain.

  • Additional intelligence is collected based on your supply chain and associated threats
  • Limited access or special reporting can be given to critical service providers to help protect them from threats
  • Understand threats to your supply chain and alert you to any threats or incidents which may impact your business
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For Conglomerates

ThreatMatch Conglomerate Portal supports complex organisations to understand threats across all their businesses and operations and share intelligence effectively.

  • Understand threats to all of your businesses, subsidiaries and regions
  • Get a group-wide understanding of the current threats you face
  • Create and share intelligence across different business units and critical business functions
  • Prevent one part of your business becoming a vector to the wider group by sharing intelligence, immediately
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