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About us

Overview & Background

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About SecAlliance

SecAlliance delivers cyber threat intelligence services to banks, central banks, financial market infrastructures, governmental and EU agencies, international organisations, and critical national infrastructure operators (telco, power grid, transport). We help these organisations and their ecosystems to strengthen their cyber resilience and make the right decisions.

In an ever more interconnected, digital world, decision-makers need to be fully aware of the threat environment they operate in. It requires them to collaborate with their peers, partners and even competitors. Only then, will individual organisations along with financial, commercial, and industrial ecosystems be able to withstand threats to their respective digital environments.

SecAlliance makes threat intelligence more human. We help organisations and ecosystems to strengthen their resilience and make the right decisions, based on a deep understanding of their needs, the threats they face, and the regulatory environments they operate in.

We serve our clients at national, European and global level in two ways. First, we create awareness by delivering threat intelligence assessments, training and advisory of the highest quality, tailored to the changing needs of the clients and their communities we serve. Second, we facilitate collaboration by supporting the establishment and operation of threat intelligence sharing communities.

We are a fully accredited, multinational team, driven by a commitment to quality and doing the right thing. We are based firmly in Europe (London and The Hague) but with global reach and presence.

What makes us unique

In a market populated with "threat intelligence" tools and platforms that present information without context, we stand apart on the strength of the research, analysis and insights we provide. We deal in real intelligence, gathered, analysed and curated by experts with real world experience in cyber, military and geopolitical intelligence.

Furthermore, we have a unique experience in setting up and operating cyber information & intelligence sharing initiatives for critical sectors at national and at European level. These initiatives are “trusted communities” in which real sharing takes place at tactical, operational and strategic level.

It is our objective to help clients manage and reduce cyber risks, individually and as an ecosystem collective. We help our clients gain clarity of their real and greatest cyber threats, build relevant cyber security strategies for them, and develop their own intelligence capabilities.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our intelligence products, services and ThreatMatch Intelligence Portal, and on the strong relationships built with our clients, our partners, and with the respective regulators.

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