Fused Intelligence Services

The clients we serve are complex public and private organisations, often with high societal relevance. They not only run IT systems which are exposed to cyber threats, often they run OT systems, and have a strong physical presence by means of data storage facilities, industrial production facilities and/or physical infrastructure facilities (e.g. ports,roads and terminals).

Such organisations require a holistic approach to deal with the digital and physical threats they face. SecAlliance’s Fused Intelligence Services delivers just that.

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The digital and physical domains are interrelated

The confidentiality, availability and integrity of data and systems in organisations are dependent on the availability and integrity of the physical facilities they rely upon. Vice versa, the proper functioning of data storage facilities, industrial production facilities and physical infrastructure facilities are dependent upon integer data and well-functioning data systems.

This mutual dependency asks for a holistic approach to the digital and physical threats an organisation, its supply chain, and its key personnel faces.

Especially for organisations providing essential services to society, both cyber and physical threats are relevant and are often interrelated. SecAlliance makes its clients aware of the cyber and physical threat environment they operate in, so they can predict, prepare and defend.

Fused Intelligence Services

Our Fused Intelligence Service offering includes not only daily security alerts, incident reports and threat assessments, but also – among others – reputation and executives’ vulnerability monitoring. Next to that, we advise organisations how to align and – if appropriate - even fuse their cyber and physical threat intelligence reporting chains.

We have an unprecedented experience in tracking threats and threat actors in both the cyber and the physical domains and are used to working closely together with law enforcement. With our Fused Intelligence Services, organisations will become aware of their full threat environment, helping them taking the right decisions.

"We greatly benefited from the threat assessment. The quality of the technical staff and their analysis is outstanding."
CEO, Financial Services organization

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