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Leveraging the research, analysis and report writing experience of the Intelligence team at SecAlliance, clients and partners engage us to create bespoke research across a wide sphere of knowledge in the cyber arena. Recent research projects have spanned industries and geographies including:

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Examples of the research we conduct

Geo-Political Cyber Reports

The recipients of these reports vary from large corporates, government entities and other research organisations operating in the non-cyber arena.

There is a strong geo-political background to many of the cyber threat analysts and managers within the team, and our research leverages the knowledge-base that has built over the years. The cross section of geo-politics and cyber is a key strength within the team.

Industry Research Reports

Usually commissioned by industry bodies or regulators seeking to provide value to member organisations or regulated firms, our industry reports typically seek to educate, and provide value, by researching cyber threats to the industry participants. We leverage historical and current use cases, combined with short term trends and horizon scanning.

Reports normally detail the threat actor groups and their motivations within the sector, along with their modus operandi. Conclusions are drawn and recommendations made.

Horizon Scanning

For many organisations, it is a challenge to address cyber threats of the past and present, and even harder to be future looking when developing a cyber security strategy.

Horizon scanning will usually form part of a sector-based or geo-political research exercise, and can be performed as a standalone exercise, usually for organisations with a high level of cyber security maturity.

Adversary Deep Dives

In instances where clients need to gain an in depth understanding of specific threat actors, our research analysts build detailed profiles, with the primary objective of reducing the cyber risks emanating from particular threat actors.

These reports provide a greater understanding of the group or individual threat actor, background, motivations, capabilities, attack methods, toolsets and malware access.

"We greatly benefited from the threat assessment. The quality of the technical staff and their analysis is outstanding."
CEO, Financial Services organization
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Why commission our research

  • Gain an independent view from cyber intelligence experts
  • Leverage our knowledge base and research methodologies
  • Share your objectives and receive our collaborative input
  • Access our multidisciplinary cyber intelligence team
  • Our team size enables us to meet tight client deadlines
  • Our agility supports needs for completely bespoke research

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