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CTI Assessment

Cyber Threat Intelligence Maturity Assessment

To be best equipped to counter cyber threats, organisations need to understand who is likely to target them, how they might attack, and what assets they are most likely to be interested in.

To gather this information and act on it, an effective Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) programme should be developed that consists of skilled personnel that adhere to a systematic, repeatable process for undertaking intelligence collection and analysis.

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What is a CTI Maturity Assessment?

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment covers the threat landscape that is related to you, your industry, region and supply chain. It integrates this with an assessment of your Attack Surface, allowing us to create realistic scenarios in which your organisation may be targeted by threat actors.  

The most efficient way to do this is to conduct a CTI maturity assessment, which evaluates the current capability levels of the people, processes, and technology in an organisation’s CTI function. Specifically, the assessment covers domains relating to Programme Governance, CTI programme planning, Intelligence Operations, and Functional Management.

The maturity assessment is designed for organisations wishing to:

  • Better leverage their current capability
  • Acquire third party validation of their capability
  • Create a CTI capability relevant to the needs of the organisation
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SecAlliance will work with you over a number of weeks. During this time we will:


Provide you with a Maturity Assessment questionnaire suitable for the size and complexity of your organisation.


Review the questionnaire and supporting evidence with you in a workshop


Create a report with actionable findings


If required, review your progress is 6 and 12 months-time

What is the output?

The deliverables offered by SecAlliance during a CTI maturity assessment include:

  • Executive summary of the key findings of the assessment and the overall maturity level
  • Breakdown of maturity levels in the various assessment domains
  • Detailed reports summarising key findings in each assessment area
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  • Aggregated recommendations based on the determined priority
  • Gap Analysis highlighting areas most lacking in maturity
  • Roadmap detailing the steps required to improve maturity
“The quality of the threat intelligence reports we receive from our partner, Security Alliance is best of breed. They are fundamental in our ability to deliver real threat insight into our strategic client engagements”
Global Security Practice lead, Gartner Consulting

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