Security Alliance expands threat intelligence service provision in Asia

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November 22, 2017

Today, Security Alliance announces its growing commitment to the provision of cyber threat intelligence services in the Asia region by extending its current Europe, Middle East and Africa membership of CREST ( to include Asia coverage.

The initial focus in the region will be to support clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, and specifically to support the needs of clients to leverage cyber threat intelligence as part of an intelligence-led red-team exercise, or an intelligence led resiliency assessment and cyber strategy review.

Security Alliance has been successfully providing cyber threat intelligence and security testing services to clients and partners in Asia for some time but is now scaling-up to respond to growing demand for intelligence-led red-teaming from Financial and Critical Infrastructure organisations in the region.

Security Alliance is an advocate of Intelligence-led Cyber Attack Simulation Testing (iCAST), a required activity as part of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative. iCAST is a test of Financial Institutions’ cyber resilience by simulating real-life cyber-attacks from adversaries, making use of relevant cyber intelligence.

Building on its expertise and experience of cyber security initiatives such as the CBEST scheme from the Bank of England in the UK and the TIBER framework from De Nederlandsche Bank in Holland, Security Alliance is expanding its capability to support clients participating in intelligence-led security programmes across the globe.

About Security Alliance

Security Alliance is an intelligence-driven cyber security consultancy made up of conventional intelligence and cyber intelligence professionals with military, agency, law enforcement and technical backgrounds. We blend deep technical expertise with traditional intelligence methodologies to help organisations make better security decisions.

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