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Cyber Threat Monitoring


Detection is only half the equation.

The market is saturated with monitoring solutions and automated tools that privilege technology over intelligence, and the detection of risk over the rigorous analysis of what it actually means.

Actually understanding what those risks represent to your organisation depends on the application of established intelligence methodologies by trained experts, and it's something that Security Alliance is uniquely placed to deliver, owing in large part to the calibre of our analysts.

We continually monitor your organisation's digital footprint and the evolving behaviours of your potential adversaries.

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Our Solution: ThreatMatch.

Security Alliance's ThreatMatch portal provides users with relevant, actionable threat intelligence that can be tailored to their priorities.

Our team of intelligence certified researchers and analysts process and curate huge volumes of incoming information and extract from it additional insight into your current threat landscape.

The ThreatMatch interface then provides a personalised view of your threats and alerts relevant users to news, phishing campaigns, public data dumps, and more, pertaining to your organisation or business sector.

By gaining a comprehensive picture of the threats your company faces, the ThreatMatch service will help you plan your cyber security strategy more effectively, enabling better protection of your critical assets.

Combining Continuous Monitoring and Threat Assessments


Continuous monitoring provides actionable and timely intelligence on a tactical and operational level. In order to realise value from this, it's essential to capture this information in a digestible way, and to disseminate the underlying intelligence throughout all levels of the organisation.

Conducting an annual Threat Intelligence Assessment will aggregate all of the trends, threat events and behaviours of evolving threat actors that are dispersed throughout the year into one condensed report. It delivers an annualised picture of the threat landscape that allows for senior leadership to monitor cyber threat management progress year-on-year.

Coupled with annual simulated attacks based on these findings, organisations can monitor their progress against continuously evolving threats in a very real way.

Combined, these integrated engagements represent a comprehensive solution to cyber threat management. They produce clear security deliverables beyond isolated threat intelligence, including: more comprehensive penetration testing and cyber exercise programmes, more refined incident response plans and more comprehensive risk based data to inform cyber security strategy.

What we deliver

Our team of analysts use a combination of quality data sources and pro-active intelligence gathering to produce two key outputs: the location and examination of information that could conceivably be exploited to harm your organisation, and the prediction of future actions taken by threat actors against your infrastructure.

The result is a comprehensive measurement of how your attack surface (your network environment, outsourced services, software estate, end-user devices, key personnel and mission critical data) correlates to your unique cast of globally-dispersed threat actors.

  • Close monitoring and active control of your digital footprint
  • Privileged access to elusive cyber threat intelligence
  • Early warning and pre-alarming of Digital Forensic and Incident Response teams
  • Augmentation of your blue team defences with advanced intelligence methodologies
  • Cyber strategies that directly address specific risks identified during monitoring
  • Pre-warning of potential cyber attacks
  • Daily observables that inform testing scenarios and cyber exercises with up-to-date intelligence


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