Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Cyber Threat Assessments

Our CREST STAR accredited Cyber Threat Assessment helps organisations more clearly understand their unique cyber threat profile, in order to take specific actions to mitigate them individually.

It also outlines the most likely and most dangerous threat scenarios that provide a narrative of how threat actors may attack your organisation.

Ultimately, the assessment reports on evidence of real attack behaviour with the intention of providing a threat overview to your organisation, and can help to determine the course of future security strategy and true-to-life simulated attacks on your key assets.  

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The Assessment

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment is composed of two parts: Targetable Intelligence and Threat Intelligence.

Targetable Intelligence

We begin with a combination of collaborative workshops to identify potential targets within your infrastructure, such as the location of sensitive data, mission critical applications, and key staff members. We then collect intelligence on the target assets, infrastructure and their surrounding digital footprint, which cumulatively represents your Attack Surface.

Threat Intelligence

We perform intelligence collection and threat analysis on your Attack Landscape - the people and groups that may feasibly possess the motive and means to carry out an attack.

We then draw together the Attack Surface and the Attack Landscape to create an 'Intelligence Preparation of the Cyber Environment'. This identifies potential attack vectors through simulated attack scenarios (storyboards of the most likely and dangerous attack events), from initial motivation through to possible symptoms, immediate impact and long term consequences.

Our Accreditations

      Crest Star                        Cyber Essentials Certification   G-Cloud Supplier

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