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Source Code Review

A source code review is an exhaustive designed to discover all the instances of SQL injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities in a given bespoke or proprietary code set.

Where applications may provide interactive access to sensitive and confidential data, it becomes vital to ensure they don't expose the underlying servers and software to attack, and that a malicious user cannot access, modify or destroy data or services within the systems.

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We can deliver your source code review onsite, remotely or even as a hybrid. During a remote source code review the source code remains on your premises, under your control. It is analysed remotely by our consultants from one of our test centres using an on-site appliance.

A hybrid approach blends automated scanning with intelligent human analysis and uses a combination of in-house developed and commercial tools.

Irrespective of the development language and whether your source code is available or not, we will undertake reverse engineering, authentication, session management, input and output manipulation and information leakage.

We will also benchmark web applications against the globally accepted software security standards, eg OWASP and WASC.

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