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Social Engineering

No matter how much technology you've implemented to secure your systems, people will always remain the weakest link in the security chain. Hackers know this, so they focus their efforts on people - gaining access to unauthorised data or facilities through charm, intimidation, bribery, trickery and other means.

Using any combination of illicit and open source information (obtained from places like social networking sites), attackers can piece together a detailed image of the target, including who they associate with, and who might be a lucrative future target.

Their actions often appear harmless and legitimate. Nevertheless, their aim is to gain access to systems or data in order to commit disruption, theft, fraud or industrial espionage.


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Security awareness

Our Social Engineering services are designed to find gaps in your security systems by testing your employees' security awareness. Each assessment begins with a comprehensive research phase that studies every aspect of your organisation's digital footprint - org charts, social networking sites, public search databases, phone lists - we may even befriend staff or their friends before executing our attack.

You can be sure we'll know what to say, who to ask for and how to look, in order to gain entry and complete the mission. Once we've done this, all observations will be reported to you and full recommendations made to ensure a higher level of security for the business.


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