Security Assessment.

Penetration Testing

Connecting, communicating and transacting with customers and other organisations is a necessary component of doing business today. Exposing your technology environment (and therefore, your organisation) to external threat is simply the cost of doing business.

Failure to ensure your key systems and data are sufficiently insulated from attack significantly increases the risk of major compromise and disruption, leading to reduced custom, bad publicity, decreased shareholder value, financial loss and an inability to trade.

With your systems and connections exposed and so much at stake, you need to be able to identify your key vulnerabilities fast so that your risk can be measured and best value achieved from the strategies implemented.


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Demonstrable Security

Security Alliance provides a full range of security testing services from security review to application testing, from vulnerability reporting through to full exploitation.

Our testing services are available as one-off projects or as part of a fully managed programme. They include:

  • Infrastructure Testing
  • Application Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Wireless Testing
  • Social Engineering

Our Accreditations

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