Security Testing Services

We offer a range of scalable penetration and security testing services designed to help you identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risk.

Security Alliance provides unique value to its clients by actively integrating its own services with those of its member companies. Member companies provide unique skills and experience, and collectively enable Security Alliance to provide expert and scalable security testing services.

Our leading offering; the simulated attack or Red team exercise mimics the methodologies and attack vectors of your threat actors, on assets and targets known to be valuable. We measure your ability to detect and respond to attacks to evaluate your current security posture and provide actionable guidance for improvement.

Why choose us?

Security Alliance is widely renowned for the quality and reliability of our penetration testing services, and that standard of excellence is reflected across our entire service catalogue.

Our specialists possess a wealth of knowledge in diverse security disciplines, including web and mobile network, software development, security research and malware reverse engineering and they have helped clients within Government, non-profit and commerce for over a decade.


We take a flexible approach to service delivery, and we can offer engagements as one-off, ad-hoc projects or as part of a fully managed and integrated programme.

We offer a broad range of standalone and managed security testing services, from Social Engineering, web and mobile application testing, infrastructure & network penetration testing to our Simulated Attack Service, which is directly informed by our cyber intelligence expertise.

Our range of Security Testing Services


Simulated Attack

Simulated Attack Services differ from other popular forms of penetration testing because they are based on robust cyber threat intelligence. They are less constrained, more true-to-life and focus on the more sophisticated and persistent attacks against critical systems and essential services.

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Social Engineering

Social Engineering assessments are designed to find potential access routes to your key information assets and systems through exploiting human vulnerabilities. We help determine how organisations can raise awareness and equip staff to become an effective first line of defence against cyber attacks.

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Source Code Review

A source code review is an exhaustive test designed to discover all the instances of SQL injection, XSS and other vulnerabilities in a given bespoke or proprietary code set.

Where applications may provide interactive access to sensitive and confidential data, it becomes vital to ensure they don't expose the underlying servers and software to attack, and that a malicious user cannot access, modify or destroy data or services within the systems.

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Infrastructure Penetration Test

The infrastructure or network penetration test will attempt to identify sensitive information about your organisation and infrastructure. Our specialists then assume the position of an external attacker and look to exploit vulnerabilities and system misconfigurations to gain access to the organisation's network over the internet and assess the impact of gaining such access.

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Web App Penetration Test

A web application penetration test analyses the security posture of web-based applications by reproducing steps that an attacker would take to breach and manipulate the services or the systems on which the application resides.

In addition to the usual application security vulnerabilities such as code injection and privilege escalation issues, our methods also recognise any weaknesses specific to your custom software, including business logic flaws.

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Mobile App Penetration Test

Mobile applications introduce some unique security challenges.

The mobile application security assessment identifies security issues relating to the operation of the various components of the mobile app, from the client itself and local data storage to API and hosting to evaluate the associated risks.

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