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Personnel Target Packs

The key people in your organisation are incredibly attractive prospects to cyber criminals.

Anyone with sensitive institutional knowledge, significant network access privileges or exposure to corporate secrets represents a highly lucrative opportunity.

Quite simply, the more you know, the more at risk you are.

The Personnel Target Pack identifies the digital footprints your key personnel leave behind and the degree to which they can be exploited.

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Identify your digital footprints

Every day your key personnel leave behind footprints based on their online behaviours that are potentially exploitable by attackers, such as:

  • A board member's digital history
  • A sysadmin's forum posts
  • Employee CVs
  • Personal details for social engineering

However innocuous these footprints may seem individually, cumulatively they represent serious organisational vulnerability.

 Reduce your attack surface

 Locating these digital footprints reveals elements of your attack surface that are highly likely to be targeted. 
Broadly, the main elements of your attack surface fall into three categories: Infrastructure, Software, Human. 
The Personnel Target Pack contains individual attack surface reports for each of the targets, as well as a comprehensive overview that combines these individual risks into an overall threat assessment.

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