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There is nothing academic about true cyber threat intelligence. Instead, it’s the product of careful analysis of curated evidence by an established intelligence practitioner.

Anything less is merely information.

As a Cyber Threat Intelligence consultancy, Security Alliance provides a range of consulting services that fortify cyber security programmes against the specific threat actors and vulnerabilities unique to your organisation.

We deliver these programmes using carefully chosen analysts with conventional and cyber intelligence backgrounds. That means we have a firm grounding in intelligence fusion and intelligence exploitation, with a broad understanding of the geo-political security context in which your organisation operates.

Horizon Scanning

Horizon Scanning

Periodic horizon scanning is good hygiene for proactive enterprises looking to shore up their current and future strategic interests domestically and abroad. Our analysts use an intelligence-led horizon scanning methodology to forecast how changes in geo-politics, technology and industry may impact security for your organisation over the next 5 – 20 years.

industry geo threat

Industry/Geographical Expansion Threat Analysis

Expanding into new industries or territories exposes your organisation to new kinds of security threats. Whilst your current cyber security plan might be suited to the risks you currently face, it's inadvisable to simply lift and shift current practices into a new environment.

We'll conduct a detailed investigation of the historical and future threats associated with new areas of expansion to ensure your organisation grows securely by understanding the new threat landscape you face.

acquisition threat

Acquisition Threat Assessment

At their core, intelligence exercises seek to uncover the unknown. Just as you might vet employees before welcoming them into the organisation, it's important to investigate and assess the unknown security elements of any potential investments, acquisitions or mergers before exposing your environment to them.

New acquisitions carry with them new threat actors that alter your security landscape. In the case of merging IT infrastructure, your acquisition's threats become your own.

insider threat

Insider Threat Assessment

The perceived aggression of external threat actors makes it easy to overlook the significance of internal security risk. However, no organisation can claim to be truly resilient without having demonstrably accounted for the potential malicious and unintentional threats posed by the people closest to you: your employees.

blue team

Blue Team Intelligence Development

A robust internal defensive team is a critical component of cyber security. Our consultants can help supplement the traditional security skills used by talented in-house teams with new cyber intelligence methodologies.

adversary deep dive

Adversary Deep Dives

Our Adversary Deep Dive puts your most significant threat actors (as defined through our Threat Intelligence Assessment
or through independent research) under a microscope. Using a combination of OSINT gathering and proactive monitoring on the clear, deep and dark web, our analysts compile a comprehensive profile of the demography, preferred methodologies, and ideological objectives of your principal adversaries. Where information or evidence of your adversaries is missing, a thorough and qualified intelligence assessment is made.

Our Approach

Security Alliance is a CREST registered company and a CREST approved supplier of threat intelligence services.

But behind our certifications, our great advantage is the quality of our people. In a market saturated with "threat intelligence" tools and platforms that present information without comment, we stand apart from competitors on the strength of the insights we provide. We deal in real intelligence, gathered, analysed and curated by true intelligence experts with real world security experience.

We've built a team of seasoned cyber intelligence professionals and experienced penetration testers, and empowered them to maintain a global understanding of the hybrid and complex threat landscape through collaboration with some of the world's leading intelligence and risk-based security providers.

Their combined specialisations cumulatively represent a unique, true-intelligence driven approach to our consultancy services.



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