Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cybercrime is an industry, and it’s thriving.

As technologies evolve and geo-political narratives unfold, the capabilities and motivations of globalised threat actors have become relevant to a wider array of businesses.

Organisations now operate on an international stage whether they choose to or not, and those who would not ordinarily seem a target for foreign governments, advanced threat actors or hacktivist operations are finding themselves part of a much larger event than they would have envisaged.

Attacks are undertaken by talented professionals and each one the product of careful study and rigorous planning. Traditional security programmes that seek to tighten controls and build bigger walls simply won’t work.

With diligent observation and the application of conventional intelligence methodologies by certified intelligence professionals, it is possible to anticipate and respond to this new breed of specific cyber threats and targeted attacks.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessments

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Assessment outlines the key threats facing your organisation, and describes the most likely and most dangerous threat scenarios, providing a detailed narrative of how threat actors could attack the organisation.

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Cyber Threat Monitoring


Cyber security threats are not a static risk. The motivations and capabilities of threat actors evolve with your organisation, and your resilience depends on the continuous acquisition and analysis of cyber threat intelligence.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Consulting

As a Cyber Threat Intelligence consultancy, Security Alliance provides a range of consultancy services that fortify cyber security programmes against the specific threat actors and vulnerabilities unique to your organisation.

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Personnel Target Packs


The key people in your organisation are targets for cyber criminals. Anyone with sensitive institutional knowledge, significant access privileges or exposure to corporate secrets represents a highly lucrative opportunity.

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CREST STAR Assessments


The CREST STAR (simulated targeted attack and response) framework delivers controlled, bespoke, intelligence-led cyber threat assessments that replicate the behaviours of the threat actors that pose a genuine threat to the critical assets of an organisation.

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CBEST Cyber Threat Intelligence 

The CBEST framework was created, developed, and is run by The Bank of England. CBEST provides a structured and controlled approach for intelligence-led security testing of critical functions within key financial institutions.

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