Continuous, targeted Cyber Threat Intelligence

Today, organisations must be constantly aware, quick to adapt to evolving cyber threats, and focus efforts on the most relevant threats - those that are most likely and those that will have the greatest impact. 

Powered by the Cyber Threat Intelligence team at Security Alliance:

Timely, relevant, actionable intelligence.

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The ThreatMatch Threat Intelligence Platform helps Security Analysts, Intelligence Analysts and IT Operations teams to spend time and energy on the real cyber threats that will have the most impact on your organisation.

  • Client-specific threat alerting
  • Timely intelligence on adversaries, malware and tools, operations and incidents
  • Threat actor profiles including Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)
  • Client-targeted attack scenarios and custom reports
  • Industry sector and global security threat awareness
  • Organisation-specific social media monitoring
  • Aggregated and customised news streams


ThreatMatch Modules

Threat Alerts

Curated by our intelligence team, alerts are filtered and ranked by severity for each client. Each alert contains a description, source, intelligence analysis and clear actions to be taken.


Profiles provide you with an in-depth analysis of threat actors, including their usual tactics, techniques and procedures, related tools and malware, incidents and associated profiles. 


Attack scenarios provide a comprehensive anatomy of attacks for different threat actors or groups. Scenarios are most often used as the foundation for red-team or simulated attack exercises.


This module is used for the delivery of regular threat reports, bespoke client reports and research, including links to alerts, incidents, profiles and scenarios. Threat reports are delivered as part of the ThreatMatch subscription.


Our news feeds are bespoke for each client. The news module provides situational awareness and helps you navigate to the best articles that are relevant to your organisation. News is filtered by organisation, sector and globally. 

Social Feed

Social media can be noisy and hard to navigate, due to the sheer amount of information shared by people every second. Our aggregated social media is bespoke for each client, and is based on user preferences.

Client References

"The quality of the threat intelligence reports we receive from our partner, Security Alliance is best of breed. They are fundamental in our ability to deliver real threat insight into our strategic client engagements"

Security Practice Lead, Global leading consulting firm

"We have found the strategic Threat Intelligence Platform ThreatMatch hugely beneficial to our work, and the experts at Security Alliance complete ThreatMatch with their insights and experience."

Threat Intelligence Expert, European Government organisation

Why choose ThreatMatch

  • All content is curated by our internal intelligence experts
  • Timely alerting, backed by in depth analysis
  • Intelligence is ranked by relevance to each client and sector
  • Clear actions and recommendations
  • Highly adaptable for specific client requirements
  • Fast access to Security Alliance intelligence team
  • "Beautiful in its simplicity"
  • The friendliest client experience in the business


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