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There is nothing academic about true cyber threat intelligence. Instead, it is the product of careful analysis of curated evidence by an established intelligence practitioner.

Anything less is merely information.

Security Alliance provides a range of consulting services that fortify cyber security programmes against the specific threat unique to your organisation.

We deliver these programmes, leveraging our internal cyber intelligence team, made of diverse specialists with conventional and cyber intelligence backgrounds. We have a firm grounding in intelligence fusion and intelligence exploitation, with a broad understanding of the geo-political security context in which your organisation operates.

Consulting Services

  • CTI Maturity Assessment
  • Intelligence Capability Building
  • Cyber Threat and Resiliency Assessments
  • Regulator led Threat Assessments
  • Simulated Attack and Red-Teaming

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Cyber Threat & Resiliency Assessments

The Cyber Threat & Resiliency Assessment (CTRA) service is designed to analyse the specific threats facing an organisation, and to help the organisation better understand the cyber threats that they face, their susceptibility to attack, and to provide pragmatic mitigation strategies.

The assessment is aligned with leading industry frameworks, including CREST STAR, STAR-FS, CBEST, GBEST, TBEST, TIBER and iCAST.

Available as a once-off or continuous programme, the service is designed to support tactical, operational and strategic decision making with the objective of continually improving cyber resilience.

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Global intelligence-led testing frameworks


Security Alliance actively contributes to, and participates in, the following frameworks.

Global cross-industry Cyber Threat and Resiliency Assessment framework.

Intelligence-led simulated attack programme from The Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

CREST industry body led Simulated Testing and Response framework, global and cross-industry.

As above but specifically for Financial Services

Bank of England intelligence-led simulated attack framework for the financial sector.

European Financial Services Threat Intelligence Based Ethical Red-teaming framework.

UK Government intelligence-led security testing and cyber resiliency programme.

UK Telecommunications intelligence-led security testing and cyber resiliency programme.


CTI Maturity Assessment

A CTI maturity assessment evaluates the level of an organisation's CTI capability.It is a challenge for many organisations to gauge how effective and mature their CTI programme is.

The most efficient way to do this is to conduct a CTI maturity assessment, which evaluates the current capability levels of the people, processes, and technology in an organisation's CTI function.

Specifically, the assessment covers domains relating to Programme Governance, CTI programme planning, Intelligence Operations, and Functional Management. We will assess you current capability and provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations.


Intelligence Capability Building

Cyber Threat Intelligence has in recent years become a critical component of cyber security strategy, yet is still an immature discipline.

As a specialist Cyber Threat Intelligence service provider, with a bank of experts, mature sources, methodologies, processes and toolkits, we are ideally positioned to help organisations improve cyber resilience through building internal capability.

This service measures current capabilitlities in an organisation's intelligence sourcing, collection, processing, analysis, dissemination capabilities, and provides a clear roadmap for people, process and technology advancement.


Simulated Attack & Red-Teaming

With cybercrime at an all-time high, organisations need to become more focused and targeted in the way they protect their critical systems.

Simulated Attack Services deliver controlled, bespoke, intelligence-led penetration tests that reflect specific risks as defined by cyber threat intelligence.

By mimicking an attacker's tactics, techniques and procedures, a bespoke test is then created to assess how successful an attack on the organisation might be, and to measure the effectiveness and maturity of its detection and response capabilities.

Client references

"We greatly benefited from the threat assessment. The quality of the technical staff and their analysis is outstanding." 

CEO, Financial Services organization


"Just wanted to say that your Threat Intelligence report is 5 star! The best I've ever seen. Great job!" 

CBEST Red Team Leader, UK penetration testing co

Why choose our consulting services

  • Completely bespoke service for each client
  • Highly qualified team and accredited intelligence organisation
  • Gain an independent view from cyber intelligence experts
  • Leverage our extensive cyber threat knowledge base 
  • Share your objectives and receive our collaborative input
  • Continuous access to our multidisciplinary cyber intelligence team
  • Our team size enables us to meet tight client deadlines


Our Accreditations

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