Security Alliance is now STAR-FS Accredited

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May 19, 2020

Security Alliance is pleased to announce that we are accredited to provide the newly created STAR-FS Threat Intelligence Services. This is alongside many of our other accreditations, including CBEST, CREST STAR and TIBER.STAR-FS has been created to meet the requirements of regulators by closely following the methodologies used in other engagements, but with less involvement from the regulator.

Undertaking a STAR-FS engagement will help organisations gain a better understanding of their threat landscape, attack surface and cyber resilience, enabling them to pinpoint security enhancements.

We are one of only two companies to have gained this accreditation and are looking forward to providing this service to wide array of organisations in the Financial Services sector. As with all regulator-defined programmes, these services can only be provided by accredited firms with certified individuals; we are proud to be one of those providers.

John Beale, COO says, “STAR-FS accreditation is another measure of the high quality standards and professionalism provided by Security Alliance. As a leader in the provision of cyber resiliency programmes, we continue to provide the highest quality services for Financial Services clients”

Director of Intelligence, Rob Dartnall, commented, “STAR-FS is an excellent new initiative. It gives those Financial organisations that have always wanted to perform a Cyber Resiliency Test the opportunity to do so, without the end to end involvement of the regulators and NCSC, making for a more streamlined and cost effective engagement.

It also gives firms the ability to measure their cyber resiliency, whilst demonstrating industry best practice. We are delighted this initiative has now been launched, as many of our Financial Services clients have been itching to formalise their resiliency testing programmes, and this gives them the vehicle to do so.”

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