Security Alliance achieves CBEST Threat Intelligence provider status

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October 17, 2016

Security Alliance has achieved CBEST Threat Intelligence provider status. CBEST is a ground-breaking and targeted cyber assessment scheme, created and run by the Bank of England.

This accreditation recognises Security Alliance’s competency in delivering cyber threat intelligence services to the Finance sector.

The cyber threat intelligence services provided by Security Alliance identify relevant threat actors and identify the most likely and most dangerous cyber security threats to critical assets. Security Alliance uses a range of methods to achieve this, including asset inspection, threat assessment, robust intelligence analysis, scenario generation and detailed reporting.

Following the cyber threat intelligence exercise, Financial Institutions can leverage the skills and experience of CBEST approved penetration testing providers to undertake a simulated attack service. This enables organisations to identify system, people and process vulnerabilities that could be exploited by threat actors in pursuit of critical assets. The targeted approach focuses on the greatest risks and most important mitigation measures. It also enables board members and senior management to prioritise resource and budgetary allocation, aligned with the most significant cyber risks of the organisation.

John Beale, Managing Director of Security Alliance says,

“We are absolutely delighted to become one of a select number of organisations to meet the rigorous requirements of the Bank of England in the cyber threat intelligence arena. CBEST is truly innovative, and is widely recognised as a scheme that helps large financial services organisations and financial infrastructure providers address the growing threats of increasingly capable cyber adversaries. CBEST provides a framework to enable more measured and intelligence-based decisions to protect organisations’ critical assets.“

The rapid growth in the volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks requires more targeted cyber security strategies. Companies should therefore seek to understand the techniques, tactics and procedures of their most likely adversaries.”

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