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Generic Threat Landscape

Security Alliance Generic Threat Landscape reports provide a broad overview of the threats to a specific sector within a certain country. This report will allow CTI teams to evaluate their capability, inform red team scenarios, and align intelligence-led security efforts.

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What is a Cyber Threat Assessment

  • A document - or set of documents - presenting the threat landscape of a specific sector within a certain country, as part of a CTI-led security testing scheme.
  • Provides contextual and technical information on relevant threat actors, their TTPs, capability, and intent.
  • Forms a basis for threat scenario generation so the red team can emulate the TTPs of relevant threat actors.
  • Offered to all scheme participants, providers and overseeing bodies.

What it is not:

  • It does not contain client specific threat intelligence and scenarios
  • It does not contain targeting information or vulnerabilities directly relevant to a specific organisation.

What are the benefits of Generic CTI?

Shared knowledge base

Provides the scheme with structure

Allows internal TI teams to evaluate their CTI capability

Acts as a single authoritative voice

Reduces repetition. CTI providers can focus on specialised collection/analysis

Keeps testers in line with relevant threat actor TTPs

Steers scenario generation

Each engagement starts with a strong intelligence baseline

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"The Threat Intelligence reports provided by Security Alliance provide us with detailed and highly realisticattack scenarios to conduct, enabling thecustomer to get real value from every engagement.”
CBEST Red Team Leader,
Global Pen Testing Company

Why Security Alliance


We are a specialist cyber threat intelligence company with a strong focus on threat assessments within schemes such as CBEST, TIBER and STAR.


We understand the value offered by intelligence-led red teaming, particularly when supported by fully qualified and experienced intelligence professionals.


Our Directors provide support and context to our clients, helping them to better understand the processes and dynamics.

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