About Us

Security Alliance is a London based cyber threat intelligence product and services company, formed in 2007.

We deliver cyber intelligence services across the globe. Our clients include Governments, Central Banks, Healthcare, Financial Services, Transportation, Energy, Research and Consulting firms.

Our cyber intelligence team is made up of seasoned intelligence professionals with diverse backgrounds, ranging from conventional intelligence, law enforcement, consulting, research and academia to technical, software development and penetration testing. 

In a market populated with "threat intelligence" tools and platforms that present information without context, we stand apart on the strength of the research, analysis and insights we provide. We deal in real intelligence, gathered, analysed and curated by true intelligence experts with real world experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our intelligence product and services, and the strong relationships built with our clients and partners.

It is our objective to help clients manage and reduce cyber risks, and build relevant cyber security strategies, on a continuous basis. We help our clients gain clarity of their real and greatest cyber threats, and develop their own intelligence capabilities.

It is our mission to build Security Alliance into the most reputable provider of Cyber Threat Intelligence product and services, globally.

"We greatly benefited from the threat assessment. The quality of the technical staff and their analysis is outstanding."   CEO, Financial Services organization

"The quality of the threat intelligence reports we receive from our partner, Security Alliance is best of breed. They are fundamental in our ability to deliver real threat insight into our strategic client engagements"   Security Practice Lead, Global leading consulting firm


"Just wanted to say that your Threat Intelligence report is 5 star! The best I've ever seen. Great job!"   CBEST Red Team Leader, UK penetration testing company

"We have found the strategic Threat Intelligence Platform ThreatMatch hugely beneficial to our work, and the experts at Security Alliance complete ThreatMatch with their insights and experience."     Threat Intelligence Expert, European Government organisation

Our Accreditations

      Crest Star                        Cyber Essentials Certification   G-Cloud Supplier

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