Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Simulated Targeted Attack and Response

Traditional penetration testing is a proven method of testing the effectiveness of security controls. It can demonstrate a good baseline of resilience against common and well understood threats.

However, in order to address the more targeted and sophisticated attacks preferred by your unique cast of threat actors, you need to test with intelligence.

Security Alliance, in collaboration with its member companies, provides fully-managed, end-to-end CREST STAR (Simulated Targeted Attack and Response) engagements.

Cyber Threat Assessment

Our Cyber Threat Assessment identifies three things:

  • Demographic and behavioural information on the threat actors targeting your organisation
  • Their preferred methodologies and most likely attack vectors
  • Your critical systems and high-value assets and their potential vulnerabilities

These findings directly improve the accuracy and quality of the simulated attack scenarios that we then generate during the CREST STAR engagement.

The inclusion of specific cyber threat intelligence greatly increases the relevancy and accuracy of the CREST STAR process by aligning the simulated tests with the realities of your evolving threat landscape, thus uncovering true unique cyber risks relating to your organisation.




The CREST STAR framework delivers controlled, bespoke, intelligence-led cyber security assessments that replicate the behaviours of the threat actors that pose a genuine threat to the critical assets of an organisation. By combining accurate intelligence, based on the most likely and dangerous threats to an organisation, with a simulated attack service, our clients gain a clear understanding of their level of exposure to real cyber risks, and the potential impact to the organisation. In turn, the CREST STAR assessment enables the organisation to direct its cyber security budget in a more intelligent manner.

Security Alliance's CREST STAR simulated attack service uses detailed scenarios provided by approved threat intelligence sources (including Security Alliance's in-house Cyber Fusion Team) to identify potential attackers (threat actors).

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