CREST Cyber Security Incident Response Guide

CREST Cyber Security Incident Response Guide

Organisations are seldom adequately prepared for a serious cyber security incident. They often suffer from a lack of budget, resources, technology or recognition of the type and magnitude of the problem. In addition, they do not have the software, testing, process, technology or people to handle sophisticated cyber security threats, such as Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Outsourcing cyber incident response to third party experts allows organisations to get access to technical expertise in specialised areas like intrusion analysis, malware reverse engineering, forensic investigations, situational awareness and advanced data analytics to respond in a fast and effective manner.

This supplier selection guide from CREST details how to choose a supplier for such a sensitive and important task.

Download the guide to find out:

  • Which activities should be retained and which should be outsourced
  • How to define your supplier selection criteria
  • How to define your objectives for cyber security incident response

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