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Security Alliance was formed in 2007, is a CREST registered company and a CREST approved supplier of cyber threat intelligence and penetration testing services. But behind our certifications, our great advantage is the quality of our people.

In a market saturated with "threat intelligence" tools and platforms that present information without comment, we stand apart on the strength of the insights we provide. We deal in real intelligence, gathered, analysed and curated by true intelligence experts with real world experience.

Our Cyber Fusion Team is made up of seasoned cyber intelligence professionals and experienced penetration testers, who are empowered to maintain a global understanding of the hybrid and complex threat landscape through collaboration with some of the world's leading intelligence and risk based security providers.

Intelligence centric

Security Alliance is an intelligence-driven cyber security consultancy with a global reach.

Our team is made up of conventional intelligence and cyber intelligence professionals with military, agency and law enforcement backgrounds.

We blend deep technical expertise and strong heritage in collaborative security testing programmes with conventional intelligence methodologies to help organisations make better security decisions.

Collaboration & Expertise

Our Cyber Fusion Team is composed of intelligence professionals at the top of their respective fields, and with every intelligence engagement they work together to combine their individual expertise, knowledge and unique perspective.

For managed security testing assignments, we combine our in-house expertise with the deep specialisms of our member companies to deliver a collaborative and comprehensive response to ever-changing complex cyber threats.

Security in context

Generic responses to specifically targeted cyber attacks don't work. Security activities must instead be equally targeted to be effective.

Defences need to be built on a foundation of accurate, timely and actionably intelligence, and reflect the unique geo-political context of the target organisation.

Security Alliance intelligence services are bespoke to each organisation, and designed to reflect your unique threat landscape and risk profile.

Our Accreditations

      Crest Star                        Cyber Essentials Certification   G-Cloud Supplier

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