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The Cyber Threat Landscape for Law Firms


This week, we published our latest report: The Cyber Threat Landscape for Law Firms. Following the success of its launch at the Law Firms and Cyber-attack Conference 2016 earlier this month, we’re pleased to announce you can now request your PDF version here.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the current cyber threat landscape facing law firms, through the use of five high-profile cyber attack case studies. The case studies examined provide an outline of real life breaches that have affected law firms of varying sizes and involved in various legal subsectors.

Confidentiality is a fundamental requirement of any law firm. The information created, circulated and stored within the legal sector is valuable due its business-critical, commercially-sensitive, or highly personal nature. Therefore, it is critical that law firms employ robust cyber security defences in order to preserve confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Conclusions from the report include:

  • The type of threat actors seeking to exploit law firms range from state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups to organised criminal gangs and cyber-criminals
  • APT Groups are seeking to extract market-information such as strategic trading and M&A information and are choosing to target law firms as the best route to access this information
  • Cyber criminals are more commonly seeking to extort law firms, with the rising trend of ransomware attacks being of particular concern
  • Law firms frequently find themselves implicated in geopolitical conflicts between two or more countries trying to assert their power over a region
  • There is a lack of sharing of cyber threat intelligence between firms in the UK

The overall assessment is that the current cyber resilience of the legal sector does not match the severity of the threat, and further incidents similar to the magnitude of Mossack Fonseca breach will continue to occur if proactive cyber-defence strategies are not implemented.

The report has already had some fantastic feedback from firms, and we hope you find it just as useful. Request your copy here.

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