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Save the date! Timing the hack for the biggest impact.

Save the date: Timing the hack for the biggest impact


There are now three certainties in life – there’s death, there’s taxes and there’s a foreign intelligence service on your system’ – Head of Cyber at MI5 (2013)

Over the last two decades, the scale and severity of cyber attacks has been very variable. It  is probably safe to suggest that the secret sabotage of a nuclear facility by the Stuxnet worm is in a slightly different league to the theft of payment card data held by a commercial brand like Chipotle. Nonetheless, there are several underlying attributes that provide a common framework to compare unconnected incidents. The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis indicates that for every incident, there is:

  • An Adversary
  • The Capabilities of the Adversary
  • A Victim
  • Infrastructure over which the attack occurs
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EVENT: The 5th Annual Financial Services Cyber Security Forum


Security Alliance is pleased to announce that Rob Dartnall our Director of Intelligence will be chairing the 5th Annual Financial Services Cyber Security Forum in London.

Date: 13th September 2018

Location: Grange Tower Bridge Hotel 45 Prescot Street, London, E1 8GP

With global cybercrime costs potentially reaching £5 trillion by 2021, the financial services industry remains the main target for cyber security criminals all over the world and especially in the UK, the leading international financial centre. Figures from the Financial Conduct Authority show that reported data hacking attacks against financial services companies quadrupled in 2017. The National Cyber Security Centre recorded over 1,100 reported attacks, with 590 regarded as significant last year. Thirty of these incidents required action by government bodies, a large number of which were targeted at financial sector organisations.

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